N.Y. Scene: Pride edition


Rodeo Disco 2 @ Mason Dixon – Sunday, June 27th, 2010

The last stop on the NYC Pride Marathon was Mason Dixon, where Autostraddle closed out NYC Pride with their second annual Pride event, Rodeo Disco. In keeping with the bi-coastal love theme, Club Skirts The Dinah’s DJ Saratonin flew in from Los Angeles to throw down some beats.

L to R: DJ Carlytron and DJ Saratonin

A gaggle of celesbians were in attendance, including MTV’s Rachel Robinson, Aneesa Ferreira from Real Word Chicago, Hilary of Logo’s Gimme Sugar: Miami, and I’m sure all of you recognize these ladies:

L to R: Rachael Hip-Flores, Nicole Pacent, Tina Cesa Ward

The star of the event, though, was the mechanical bull. Yes, you read that correctly. There was a mechanical bull. Quite a few of the ladies that were present attempted to tame the bull, but the bull and the forces of gravity had a strategic pact, and each brave rider soon came face to face with the floor in front of a sizeable crowd of raucous lesbians.

This concludes AfterEllen.com’s NYC Pride Marathon, which, in retrospect, was far more physically grueling and inspired more moments of open-mouthed disbelief than The Dinah, which I didn’t think was possible. Am I glad I did it? Yes. Would I do it again? Unlikely. Next year’s AfterEllen.com’s NYC Pride Marathon will consist of me hugging Trinity Tam and Nell Starks’s mop bucket for dear life.

All photographs by Grace Chu unless otherwise noted. Note: If I took your picture, and you don’t see it here, you can try looking for it at my pride gallery on Flickr.

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