N.Y. Scene: Pride edition

Truck Stop NY w/ Proposition and Shescape – Touch Nightclub – June 26, 2010

The next party was the talk of the town. L.A.-based Fuse Events teamed up with two of NYC’s top club promoters, Proposition and Shescape, to throw a party so energetic, over the top and sick that I’m at a loss of words to do it justice.

But I’ll try my best. Fuse Events throws a Friday night party in Los Angeles called Truck Stop, which features bartenders that dance and engage the crowd in their routines. At Truck Stop NYC, the bi-level club was packed wall to wall with hot women dressed to the nines, and every half an hour or so, Roxy on the Mic riled up the crowd, and the Truck Stop Girlz would storm the catwalk and perform a high energy dance routine choreographed to a pounding dance track punctuated with sound effects laid down by DJ Brynn Taylor. The routines were racy, over the top, and often included unsuspecting victims audience members.

Caption: Left: DJ Brynn Taylor, Middle: Roxy on the Mic

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’ll just let the photographs do the talking.

I’ll pause here for a moment for you to rub your eyeballs and look though the photos again. And again.

A second floor balcony wrapped around the entire venue. At one point in the night, a paranoid woman stuck her hand in front of me and attempted to get me thrown out of the second floor balcony. “No paparazzi!” she yelled, motioning to a security guard. My camera was in fact turned off, hanging off my shoulder with the lens cap on. “Oh, I’m not here to take your photo,” I told her. “I’m just passing through to take photos of the deejay.” She continued, “Well, everyone wants to take my picture. I’ve been in way too many tabloids!” I looked closer to see who she was. Never seen her before in my life. I did notice, however, that she had bottle service, and she was not monitoring her beer bucket or liquor, because a passer by reached in and started rummaging through her beer bucket. I did not tell her.

I’ll end this segment with a quote from a partygoer, Helen Galarza. “My girlfriend claims that all I was doing the whole time was screaming, laughing hysterically and borderline crying tears of joy,” she said. “It was excessive and unhygienic. It was one of the best parties of the year!”

I believe that just about sums it up.


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