N.Y. Scene: Pride edition


Choice C–ts @ Santos Party House – June 26, 2010

The next stop was Choice C–ts at Santos Party House. Normally held in the lower level of the venue every last Saturday of the month, Choice C–ts Pride moved up to the main floor to accommodate the sizeable Pride crowd, and internationally-acclaimed DJ Princess Superstar was on the decks.

Photo by Sabrina Haley

I ran into Ellie Conant, the brainchild behind the party, and I asked her to dish about it.

“We just won the 2010 Go Magazine Awards for most eclectic crowd, and before that we were written up in The Village Voice highlighting our diverse crowd. A lot of people like to say, ‘Check out our diverse crowd!’ but a lot of times in this city, we’re pretty segregated. Choice C–ts I can say, honestly, is one of the most diverse parties in the city. You have everyone from every racial and class background throwing down the Lower East Side hipster style, rock and roll action. You see a lot of tattoos, painted hair, painted faces, cut up clothing, s–t like that.”

I remarked that the style, although edgy and downtown, was a little more glittery and done up as compared to the more down tempo weekday Brooklyn scene. “Totally!” said Conant.

Conant continued, “Right now I’m working on getting Lady Sovereign here. I want Nervous But Excited, Hunter Valentine. This I want to be the platform – and I’m fighting to get the main floor, because the basement is just not cutting it. I want us to have the main floor. I don’t want the dykes to just be stuck in the basement anymore!”

Who can argue with that?

Girlnation Pride @ Point Break – June 26, 2010

Next I headed uptown to GirlNation, which was ending its six year run in its midtown location at Point Break, formerly known as Nation Bar and Grill. Only a few years ago, women’s nights were limited to weekdays or Sundays; it was difficult to convince bar or club owners to hand over their venues on the weekend for women’s parties. Until GirlNation launched in 2005 at Nation, a the multilevel venue with two bars, a balcony, a lounge and two dance floors, a weekly Saturday night event for women outside of the standard West Village lesbian bars was unheard of.

Host Hana, as usual, poured shots down the throats of partygoers straight from the bottle.

Although GirlNation has ended its run at its West 45th Street location, GirlNation will continue downtown at its new location at RF Lounge.

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