N.Y. Scene: Pride edition


GirlNation Pride Downtown @ The Stonewall Inn – June 25, 2010

This is where it all began. 41 years ago, the original twisted sisters, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn, shouted “We’re Not Gonna Take It!”, busted up some of NYPD’s finest, and history was made. Back then, the Stonewall Inn was a seedy mafia joint that served unsanitary watered down beer. Nowadays, it’s a welcoming neighborhood West Village bi-level bar and nightclub that is host to a women’s night every Friday – and the beer is cold and fresh.

Comedian Poppi Kramer behind the bar

At 10:30, when I arrived, the downstairs bar was already packed with a mixed crowd of gay boys, fag hags, lesbians, drag queens, and anyone and everyone else who wanted to kick off Pride. The ladies started tricking into the second level around that time, and by 11pm, a steady stream of women was pouring in.

By 11:15pm the upstairs was packed. My friend and I headed outside, and the following scene unfolded. You can’t make this stuff up.

Someone on the sidewalk fired up Madonna’s “Vogue” on a boom box, which inspired a group of drag queens to run into the middle of the street and start dancing. A crowd gathered in the street and cheered them on, thereby blocking all traffic on Christopher Street. Cars started piling up, and despite the irate honking, the revelers on the street refused to budge. Acknowledging defeat, the line of cars slowly backed up and took another route. A bystander grabbed some trash bags and threw them in the middle of the street to block any further party-pooping vehicles.

Then an ambulance barreled down Christopher Street, sirens blaring. The crowd momentarily scattered, and a drag queen in a wedding dress started sprinting down the street in front of the vehicle, arms flailing with expressive flair.

Only in New York.

Proposition Pride @ Slate Lounge

Next, my friend and I headed to the Flatiron District to Slate Lounge, home of the wildly popular Friday night women’s party, Proposition, which is normally held in one of the lounges. For Pride, though, the entire venue was reserved, and by 11:30pm, the entire place was standing shoulder to shoulder.

DJ Deka and DJ Tikka Masala (of Brooklyn’s “That’s My Jam” fame) were laying down blistering tracks that had the crowd jumping.

L to R: DJ Deka and DJ Tikka Masala

And now a gallery of the sexy ladies present:

L – Maggie C. R – Proposition co-founder Bridget Hauserman


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