N.Y. Scene May 2010: Rebel Cupcake, Hunter Valentine at Proposition & Tour de NYC, Stonewall, dot429 Brunch & Eden Farewell


Neither Rachael Hip-Flores nor Nicole Pacent was in attendance, so I
don’t have any pretty pictures of them for you. Instead, I will post
food porn.

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Eden 3 Year Anniversary and Farewell Party at The Gates, May 19, 2010

Breezing into NYC in 2007 with a Los Angeles aesthetic and a New
York attitude, Maggie C.’s Eden quickly set the standard for New York
City lesbian nightlife. Winning several awards and accolades from
publications such as New York Magazine and GO Magazine three years in a
row, Eden was widely seen the go to party for NYC lesbians. But all
good things must come to an end. On May 19, Eden simultaneously
celebrated its three year anniversary and went out with a champagne-soaked

But don’t worry, ladies — you’ll still have a place to go on
Wednesday nights. Click your heels three times and say, “There is no
place like home.” No, Dorothy, you won’t end up in Kansas or — God
forbid — Staten Island. Maggie C. is launching a new Wednesday night
party, and it will be held in a very familiar location, the Union
Square Lounge, starting June 9. As many NYC lesbians will recall, the
Union Square Lounge was home to Eden in 2008 and was arguably its most
popular location. Maggie C. promises that the new party, dubbed Crème
de la Femme, will be “better and sexier — you’ll just have to see.”

Here are some photos from Eden’s farewell party, and you’ll see some familiar faces from AfterEllen and Autostraddle.

We also interviewed Maggie C. about her new party and her upcoming
NYC Pride events, and based on their descriptions, they will
undoubtedly be fabulous and over the top in true Maggie C. style. (Did
she really say “snake charmers”?)

This concludes May’s installment of AfterEllen’s New York Scene. On a side note, it’s only May and this column is already getting out of control. Next month is NYC Pride, which is the biggest, baddest gay pride event in the entire world, and Grace Chu — despite being a hustler and being comfortable enough to refer to herself in the third person with a straight face — is neither big nor bad enough to cover the entire thing. Consequently, Grace hereby demands an intern for Pride. Or two. Or three.

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