N.Y. Scene May 2010: Rebel Cupcake, Hunter Valentine at Proposition & Tour de NYC, Stonewall, dot429 Brunch & Eden Farewell


About Tour de NYC, drummer Laura Petracca told me that the band was
going to attempt to set the world record for most gigs played in a city
in a day. The goal was to play 12 shows in various locations in NYC, culminating in a final show at Cake Shop on the Lower East Side. They ended up playing one extra show, an impromptu gig on the L
train between the Lorimer and Bedford stops in Williamsburg, which
brought the gig count to 13. I was able to make 7 of the 13 shows,
including the one where they were ejected from Washington Square Park
by a park ranger and the one where they were chased by the NYPD. Yes, I
got all the mayhem on film. Enjoy.

Special thanks to Leslie at sinistergirlz.com for some of the Brooklyn footage

Catch Hunter Valentine soon at a venue near you — and possibly the Guinness Book of World Records.

Lesbo-go-go at The Stonewall Inn

Unless you have spent your life encased in a block of ice a la Brendan Frasier’s character in Encino Man,
you are aware that The Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village was
ground zero of the Stonewall Riots, which is widely considered to be
the defining event that marked the birth of the modern gay rights

On June 28, 1969, after a period of especially frequent and
brutal raids on gay bars by the NYPD, the patrons of The Stonewall Inn
finally had enough and fought back against the police, setting off an
avalanche of gay activism. In the months and years following the
Stonewall Riots, many gay rights organizations were founded in the U.S.
and around the world. In honor of Stonewall, gay pride celebrations
around the world are held during the month of June.

In 2007, The Stonewall Inn was renovated and reopened by new owners,
including Stacy Lentz, the sole female investor of the historic venue.
Lentz contacted AfterEllen.com about events at Stonewall for New York
City Pride, and she discussed the current owners’ vision of Stonewall.
“We wanted Stonewall at the forefront of the community where it
belongs, since it is the birthplace of the gay rights movement,” she
said. “We wanted to make sure that we had parties and events for
everyone in the LGBT community, not just the men and also to educate
people about the history of [Stonewall], as we can’t have full equality
in our future until we understand our past.”

Stonewall operated as a gay nightclub from the late 1990s to 2006
before it was closed briefly and ownership changed hands. Lentz said
that before she became one of the investors in 2007, “there were no
girl events or girl parties ever at Stonewall.” That has certainly
changed. Currently, Stonewall hosts two women’s nights a week, Danielle
Presents on Thursday and Lesbo-a-go-go on Fridays. Also, GirlNation, a
well-known Saturday night lesbian party in midtown, hosts GirlNation
Downtown the last Friday of each month.

I headed to Lesbo-a-go-go on May 14 with a friend who had an out of
town buddy who wanted to experience lesbian nightlife in New York City.
The trains in Astoria, Queens had stopped running due to a police
investigation, so we didn’t arrive until midnight. We went upstairs to
find a lively crowd of lesbians and gay men dancing to a mix of
contemporary hits like Lady Gaga’s “Telephone,” ’90s club tunes, and
classics like vintage Michael Jackson spun by DJ Stacy. The vibe was
boisterous, animated and unpretentious. The venue can be described as a
large neighborhood bar that just happens to be equipped with a disco


On Fridays, the second floor of Stonewall is reserved for women,
while the boys occupy the first floor. Eventually, however, over the
course of the night, the girls and boys started to mingle, and, like The
Flintstones said, it was a gay old time. In a city whose gay and
lesbian nightlife often splits down the gender divide, it was
refreshing to find lesbians and gay men sharing the same space. But not
to worry, single ladies: the girl to guy ratio upstairs is still
sufficiently high enough to get your cruise on.

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