N.Y. Scene March 2012: Miss Lez Pageant, Hey Queen and more!

After last year’s contestants humped, fought and shrieked their way around the stage, Murray Hill shooed them backstage, sat back and allowed this year’s contestants to introduce themselves. The contestants were: Miss Que(e)ry (Bambi Galore), Miss Rebel Cupcake (Mary Wanna), Miss Hey Queen (Brown Meshugana), Miss Dapper Q (Lea Robinson)Miss Choice C*nts (Rebecca Macabre) and Miss Wildcard (Sophia Urista). Two of the more memorable introductions came from Miss Choice and Miss Wildcard. Miss Choice announced that she was running on a pro period sex platform and brandished used maxi pads, which she enthusiastically waved in front of a simultaneously horrified and delighted audience. Then she did the unthinkable — she tossed the pads into the audience, and they hit a camera crew filming The Real L Word. Then Miss Wildcard bounded on stage and declared that there should be “CHOCHA LIBRE” for everyone, and the audience roared its approval. If you are uncertain why the audience cheered, please take a short trip to Google Translate. You’re welcome.

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