N.Y. Scene March 2011: Snapshot Finale, Dot 429 Women’s Launch, LGBT Expo, Rainbow Book Fair and the Dinah

Club Skirts The Dinah — AfterEllen Pool Party and Red Carpet @ The Hollywood Party

During NYC Pride 2010, I ran around the city with my new camera taking photos of every event I could squeeze in over the weekend. Remember that? Then I noticed that at every event these other two miscreants — Jodi and Sarah — would always show up with an impressive array of A/V equipment. Over the course of the weekend, the three of us would share close quarters with one another taking footage of Pride, I for AfterEllen, they for GO Mag. What happens when three lesbians end up rubbing up against one another for 48 consecutive hours? They become friends of course!

When I obtained an extra pass to Dinah this year, I asked Jodi if she wanted to take footage of 10,000 women in bikinis. “Sure!” she said. Sarah was already going, so I asked Sarah if she wanted to talk to famous people. “OK!” she said. And the NYC Dream Team was in effect once more, even though Jodi lives in Chicago, Sarah moved from Queens to Los Angeles, and all three of us would be doing this in Palm Springs. But it doesn’t matter. New York is a state of mind. That’s what Jay-Z said anyway.

Here is Jodi’s footage of the AfterEllen Pool Party on Saturday, April 2. If your boss can see your screen I would advise not pressing “play” at this juncture.




Here is Sarah doing red carpet interviews at the Hollywood Party. In order of appearance: Natasha Bedingfield, Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave of South of Nowhere, Tiffany Dunn, Tatum from Cherry Bomb, BG5, and the don of Club Skirts The Dinah herself, Mariah Hanson.



Don’t get your hopes up, ladies — Christian and Musgrave are still straight. But most of the other 10,000 women in the joint are not, so will we be seeing you in the desert next year?

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