N.Y. Scene March 2010: Pantyhos, Hey Queen!, Eden, Stiletto, and Winter Heat

Our anonymous friend described the crowd at Pantyhos as “mostly mid-20′s to mid-30’s artists, punks, and hipsters… even though no one wants to be identified as a hipster! The crowd here is mostly lesbian though not limited to butch and femme. There is a big andro crowd and tons of hot trans guys. You are going to find a lot of neckerchiefs, tapered skinny jeans, tattoos, and plaid shirts.” I noted that quite a few attendees were rocking the oversized black plastic glasses look.

During its run, Pantyhos featured many emerging DJs and artists. The party helped break Brooklyn-based hip-hop/pop group OMG Michelle, who still returned to their roots to grace the stage at Pantyhos even after they blew up in the New York City music scene and the national queer music scene.

“Well, thanks a whole f—ing lot, Grace!” you say. “You inform us about this party after it is over!” So Pantyhos has already taken its last bow. Where should New York lesbians into the art-punk dyke scene head to?

According to our tipster and other patrons, the most similar party to Pantyhos is Hey Queen!, held every third Friday at Sugarland in Williamsburg and organized by an eclectic queer trio: Scout, Amy Agony, and Sarah Jenny. Described as a “monthly multi-gendered dance party,” the party “exists in the same spirit of Pantyhos.” “Also,” added another anonymous tipster, “although the crowd at Hey Queen! is mostly queer women, you will see quite a few gay and queer men.” Like Pantyhos, Hey Queen! also features an eclectic mix of underground artists and DJs.

Word has it that at Hey Queen!’s last party on March 19th, the Pantyhos crowd simply migrated over and made it their new digs.

Other Williamsburg parties include Gayface at the East River Bar, Who-ha at Trophy Bar, and Rumours at Public Assembly. Another Brooklyn party that was given an enthusiastic thumbs up by Pantyhos partygoers is That’s My Jam, a racially diverse monthly queer party held in the lesbian capital of Park Slope.

And now we leave the quirky and artsy Williamsburg, Brooklyn and head across the East River to the sleek and upscale gayborhood of Chelsea, where Manhattan’s top lesbian promoter Maggie C. has recently moved her flagship weekly lesbian party, Eden.

Maggie C. started Eden in 2007, after she returned to New York from Los Angeles and realized that there was a dearth of options for the cosmopolitan and mainstream lesbian crowd. After she launched Eden, almost immediately, women wearing makeup and heels – not in the Bettie Page vintage retro-femme sense, but in the modern upscale “I just rolled out of my corporate job in Midtown and I need a caipirinha” cosmo-femme sense – streamed through its doors like finding an oasis after stumbling through the desert known as the New York City lesbian scene. (After all, walking on sand in heels is a bitch.)

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