N.Y. Scene June 2012 – The Pride Edition

After mega-event Stiletto closed its doors at midnight, everyone still standing headed to Snapshot’s wolf den Bar 13, where Snapshot’s annual Proud As F*ck party was still in full swing. Top Chef’s Chef Josie was in Europe on a shoot that night, but she left capable hands to man her taco truck.

DJ Angelboi

Raul the taco

At 1 a.m. the party was still going strong, but I was not, so off I went to Never Never Land. I slept for twelve hours straight. When I woke up, all of the glitter had been swept from the streets, the only nuisances to dodge were baby carriages, and the sidewalks were again full of dour-looking professionals scurrying around during their lunch hour. Secretly I knew that one out of ten of all the grouchy-looking midtown lunch seekers had donned rainbow bracelets and danced on tables in neon just a day earlier. What a difference a day makes. But no matter how staid everyone looked, I knew that come next June, the werewolves and vampires will once again throw off the suits and business casual attire and howl at the moon. Next year, don’t forget to invite grandma.

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All photos (c) 2012 Grace Chu 

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