N.Y. Scene June 2011: The Pride Edition

Creme de la Femme Pride, June 22

While all of June is considered Pride month, the bulk of Pride-related mayhem is crammed into the last week. This was evident for any lesbian in New York City with a Facebook account. As the month of June drew to a close, the frequency of pride party reminders bordered on ludicrous. Who needs a vibrator when Maggie C is sending you Pride party updates every few seconds, rattling the smart phone in your pocket like a Mexican jumping bean, making you feel funny where the sun don’t shine?

On Wednesday, June 22, the party finally moved out of everyone’s pants into the Union Square Lounge. The first of Maggie C’s pride bashes was Creme de la Femme Pride. Check out the photos. Maybe you’re in them. Maybe your ex is in them. Scroll down at your own risk.

Dot429, Women’s Pride Mixer, 6/24

Dot429 is a national LGBT networking organization that throws fabulous brunches and networking events with lovely cocktails. On June 24, Dot429 held a women’s Pride mixer on the rooftop of the Rivington Hotel. As with any other Dot429 event, there were a lot of familiar faces present, like Merryn Johns, editor of Curve magazine and Setup Squad‘s Meredith Schlosser. And then around 10:30 p.m. something awesome happened — the New York Senate pulled its thumb out of its sphincter and made same sex marriage legal. Scroll down for a photo of that moment.

Look! It’s Setup Squad‘s Meredith Schlosser, the sane one and least likely to get arrested for making a public disturbance in a wine bar, on the right, who was classy enough not to pummel me for my ridiculous recaps. Respect.

Stop scrolling. Here it is. I know it wasn’t the mob scene at Stonewall, but it was jubilant. And very, very loud. The Empire State finally entered the 21st century, and all was well.

Wait, I think I’m feeling another Flashdance moment. It’s time. Yes, it’s time. Gay marriage in New York definitely calls for three minutes of Jennifer Beals in a leotard.

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