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N.Y. Scene Feature: The Door Mafia

Are you on the list? No? Then shut up, take your ass to the back of the line, and wait your turn with the rest of the rabble. Whatever you do, don’t try any of the following tactics to get in for free, or you’ll be denied faster than a grad student asking Suze Orman if he should put a down payment on a Ferrari with his student loans. AfterEllen.com chats with the women who work the door at your favorite girl parties in NYC about crazy things people do or say to try to get in for free – and insanity encountered on the job in general. 

Liz – Maggie C events
My craziest experiences working the door were not in regards to cutting the line or getting preferential treatment.  I had one girl who came every week, and every single week on her way out would say, “What am I doing upstairs when the prettiest girl is out here?”  Every week. The same line.  I also had a very young, very pretty girl who came down to the door, sat on the steps in almost complete silence, waited for my shift to finish and then followed me upstairs after.  In her defense, she was clearly intoxicated so although slightly uncomfortable, it was kind of cute.

Mel – Maggie C events, Stonewall
To get in for free or to skip the line, some women name drop, offer money, show body parts and sometimes even offer themselves, either dates or sex.

One crazy story I have didn’t have anything to do with people trying to skip the line, though. One night I worked a lesbian sex party at the Stonewall Inn. At first I thought the crowd was a pretty boring group. They sat around, ate food and talked. Towards the middle of my shift I took a break. I walked over to the bar and in what I thought was a quiet voice told the bartender the that it was the lamest sex party I’ve ever seen. The promoter overheard me and then asked if I was wearing a belt. I said, “Yes.” She took it off, tied my arms back, and started whipping me! 

Amy – Maggie C events
Working the door for such big events you’re bound to come across so many people. Often times 600 – 1000 hungry women show up to Maggie C events. Most are lovely and willing to come and pay a cover charge for great entertainment and an artfully executed party, but then there are those that try to get in for free.

  • The most popular excuse is, “I am working the party.” In fact, they are not working the party. They forgot what organization they were with and do not have credentials to show they are working the event, or they are working the party and they have a five person entourage to help them hold their equipment or products.
  • I’ve heard this one before: “I didn’t get a sex toy in my gift bag. Can I get my money back?”
  • My outfit on Halloween was a bit scandalous even for Halloween. I think the best comment was “Can I motor boat you?” When I refused, the woman said, “Well if you’re going to tease me like that you can at least let me in for free.”
  • I think hands down the best one was when my ex girlfriend came up to me and kissed me in front of the entire line which frazzled me a bit. She blew past me and didn’t pay the cover charge. Be warned! Do not let the ex’s kiss blind your better judgment.

Jazzy - Proposition and Truck Stop NY

  • This girl came up to me and said she was dating the Truck Stop girl named Lolita and that she was supposed to be on a comp list. I looked at her like she had two heads, because Lolita is the only Truck Stop Girl I keep in touch with outside of the event, and I knew she wasn’t dating anyone from NYC. So I decided to f–k with the liar a bit, and I was like, “Oh ok. I’ll text my boss to have Lolita come upstairs and get you.” The girl caught an attitude and was like “Ugh, forget it” and threw $15 at me. And then she was annoyed when she discovered the coat check was $4 as well. Ha!
  • I wrote this rap song about my favorite porn star. I sent this song to two friends of mine who have an amazing apartment and are always having parties. So S–TLOADS of people heard the song and I guess received the mp3 from my buddies. Two girls who I didn’t know but who had heard my song rapped the lyrics for me while I was working the door and then asked if they get free admission for being my fans.
  • There is a girl in particular who came to Proposition and Truck Stop throughout the majority of 2010 and would say, “Would you let me in for free if I make out with you?” Usually I flirted and had fun with it and would say, “I’d happily make out with you, but you still have to pay.” And she would stand there and argue with me. It happened every time. In fact, I saw her at Cubby Hole once, and she was like, “If i make out with you now, will you let me in the next Truck Stop for free?”

Courtney - Truck Stop LA and Truck Stop NY
Working the door for Truck Stop is always entertaining. So many different types of women show up with one common intention: not to wait in line.

Prior to attaining this coveted gig, that was my intention as well. I met promoter Michelle Agnew the night I showed up at Truck Stop LA in the summer of 2005. I thought while glancing past the gate of Here Lounge, a slew of gorgeous, fashion-forward feminine women were all awaiting my arrival. I was twenty-two years old, and the line was around the corner all the way down through the back alley of the club. I asked the lesbian with the clipboard at the door, “Who’s in charge here?” Michelle happened to be standing there and introduced herself. A few months later I was the girl with the clipboard holding the VIP list. 

One night a group of what appeared to be Japanese lesbian tourists came up to me to escape the line. There were about five of them smiling, giggling, and whispering to each other. They bowed their heads in unison and handed me about $200. I was baffled and still not entirely sure what they wanted from me. I thought “Do they think I’m a hooker?” I asked them why they were giving me the money, and they said, “To skip line.” I remember rolling my eyes as I handed the money back to them and told them to go in and buy a bottle of alcohol. I parted the gate to let them in and they each bowed one more time.

This concludes February’s New York Scene, and it marks the one year anniversary of this column. I’ve been doing this for a year, and I’m still alive, I haven’t been sent to the ER for alcohol poisoning, no one has tried to mow me down for anything I’ve written (except once), and I’ve only been involved in one minor altercation in front of the Stonewall Inn. I think I deserve a “get in for free” pass for life, don’t you think?

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