N.Y. Scene August 2011: Original Sin: Atlantic City Women’s Weekend, Star Wars vs. Star Trek Burlesque, and the World Exploded

OMG EARTHQUAKE!!! – August 23, 2011

As 2pm approached on August 23, I received a series of IMs indicating that something was amiss.

1:55 PM
Friend: Yo, my house is shaking.
Me: Are you high?
Friend: Yeah
Me: Chill, it was probably the N train goin underneath yo crib

Then #Earthquake started trending on Twitter, so while I didn’t feel a thing, I knew that there had been some shady activity going on with the tectonic plates.

2:03 PM 
Friend 2: dude did you feel that
Me: According to Twitter it was an Earthquake 
Friend 2: HOLY SH*T

I missed the whole thing, because I had checked out while streaming Pandora into my headphones, so here are special disaster correspondents AfterEllen’s Courtney Gillette and Stonewall Inn co-owner Stacy Lentz to tell you about the day the ground shook in the Big Apple.


I was on the Upper West Side visiting a friend who had just had chest surgery. When the couch began to shake, and the plate of cookies on the coffee table wiggled, he figured it was his medication and I figured it was the neighbors, well, getting it on. Right? I mean, I’m a New Yorker. You say earthquake, I say someone in 4B is goin’ at it. 


I did feel the earthquake hit as I was on the 11th floor of a skyrise in mid-town Manhattan.  My buidling swayed and my desk shook a little, and I felt like my balance was off.  Granted, it was nothng like they feel in LA – and yes they made a lot of fun of us for it – but we just don’t ever expect them here. I knew I wasn’t still drunk at work and hadn’t started drinking yet, so like all New Yorkers my initial thought was it was a terrorist attack.

Well, Stacy, myinitial thought was that my friend’s bud was a little too kind, and that she was trippin’, but it turns out that although she was trippin’, the East Coast did shake the earth just like the West Coast, so take that, LA.

Star Wars v. Star Trek Burlesque @ the NY Fringe Festival – August 24, 2011

Hello, geeks! Sit down, hold onto your horn-rimmed specs, and keep a bedpan near, because you might actually pee yourself. There was a Star Wars / Star Trek burlesque show at the New York International Fringe Festival this year. Commander Data took it off, and Darth Maul danced with two suitors to “Copacabana.” Also, Princess Leia pranced around a Darth Vader leather daddy wearing pretty much nothing, taking you back to the day when you were a wee little child and you first saw Star Wars, and you wondered why Han Solo didn’t do it for you but that girl with cinnamon bun hair made you feel a little funny. Yes, this happened. It actually happened. Take a look.

I’ll pause here for a moment so you can rub your eyes, laugh, cry, or take an Ativan.

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