N.Y. Scene April 2011: “Times Two” book launch & Antigone Rising show, Tribeca Film Festival and Sightings Out on the Town

Out and About

Miss those verbose writeups of the various club and bar nights for women in New York City? What? No? Fine. Instead, here’s a simple photo gallery for the attention deficient. A few familiar faces – and soon to be familiar faces – graced some of Manhattan’s top parties this month. Take a look.

Hey, it’s Claire from The Real L Word: Season 2. She was a busy bee this month. Here she is, second from the left, at Titty Titty Bang Bang, a new bi-weekly Maggie C/Bridget Hauserman production, which will re-launch shortly.

Here she is at Truck Stop NY, the petri dish that LA dumps on New York City every month. Hey now – remember, there is good bacteria too, like the stuff in yogurt! The new season of The Real L Word airs June 5th on Showtime.

Oh hey – it’s Rose Garcia from The Real L Word: Season 1 at Choice C—s, on the left. (That’s Head C–t on the right, Ellie Conant.)

Photo by the fabulous Maro Hagopian

And look, there’s my friend Lauren and I at Maggie C’s Stiletto relaunch! Oh and this chick named Michelle Rodriguez. I think you may have seen her punch someone in a film, fly a badass helicopter on an alien planet in an even bigger film, or get lost on television. 

That’s it for this month. Guess what’s coming up next month. Pride. Are you ready?

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