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While fanfic has many genres, and subgenres, for our purposes, let’s concentrate on its two biggest: cannon and alternative universe. Canon fanfic follows the overall construct of the original show, or story. It goes along with the general storyline, filling in the blanks, expanding a plot or character development. Didn’t get enough from that Calzona scene in the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy? A canon fic might start where their scene ended, and give you a more intimate look at the lives of these characters off-screen. This is perfect for fans that prefer their fan fiction not to deviate too much from the main plot.

Alternative Universe (AU) fan fiction allows the writer/reader to really play with the construct of a story. AU can be anything from changing a character or major plot point within a story, to taking characters and putting in completely different worlds or circumstances. Brittana in the Civil War? Yep, there is a fic for that. Rizzoli and Isles fighting together in a dystopian, zombie filled Boston? Here you go

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What are your thoughts on alternative universe fics? Here are some of the great responses I received.

Since it would take me a decade to read all of the amazing fanfics out there, I asked you, dear readers, to lend me a hand with some recommendations for fics from a variety of fandoms. Here are just a few. Thank you to all who participated. Check the description at the beginning of each fic for additional genre information. The characters listed are the main protagonists.

Bomb Girls
Betty/Kate – Learning Curve

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Willow/TaraRipples and Wave

Brittany/Santana –The Knife Thrower’s Daughter Santana/Quinn – As If We Never Said Goodbye

Grey’s Anatomy
Callie/Arizona – Scar Tissue and Stuck With You

Lost Girl
Bo/Lauren – Faethful (First part of a trilogy)

Emily/Naomi – Tell Me a Story (Also features Katie “F#%king” Fitch)

Pretty Little Liars
Emily/Paige – Begin Again
Emily/Maya – Home

What are your favorite fanfics? Please tell us in the comments.

This Fic is Rated M, for * ahem * Mature

Because the world of fandom is so vast and includes fans of all ages, ratings are in place to protect and notify readers to the level of content in a fic. uses a letter system similar to the one used to rate movies. K (suitable for all, including the little ones), K+ (suitable for children up to 9), T (Suitable for teens over 13) and M (Suitable for teens over 16)., another large source for fan fiction, lets their writers rate their stories as Teen and Up, General Audience, Explicit, Mature and Not Rated.

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