New York Scene: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

And what nightlife column would be complete without photos from Halloween, where people dress up as sluts, pirates, slut pirates and everything in between? Here are a few from Sir Sabrina‘s Sunday party Blender and of course, Truck Stop.

L to R: Sir Sabrina, Danielle Stanziale

Whitney Day, on her 856th gig of the week.

Well, that’s that. Thank you to those who created the subject matter for this three-year ride. Thank you to everyone, from HMI and GLAAD to all the ladies and queers out there who take on – or took on – the tough job of promoting: Mariah, Maggie, Lynn, Bridget, Ellie, Sabrina, Danielle, Linda and Michelle, Emily, Whitney, Tikka, Hana, Nikki, Kacie, Stacy, Sarah J, Avory, Sarah M, Bevin, JD, Lisa G, Lisa C, Ryley, and the list goes on. Thank you also to the deejays, the go go dancers, the bartenders, the door people, the photographers, the emcees, and of course, the security guards who keep the inevitable tomfoolery and fisticuffs to a minimum.

From here on out, I will be devoting my energy to photography, which came as an unexpected byproduct of nightlife reporting. You can continue to see my photos in Time Out New York, Joonbug and hopefully other publications in the near future. I have already branched out from the lesbian scene to the gay and straight events scene, and I am also building a studio in my apartment. Discovering my passion could not have happened if AfterEllen had not come up with the ludicrous idea of throwing me into the New York City lesbian nightlife and events world, so thank you AfterEllen. I will still write TV recaps and film reviews from time to time, but as to writing about nightlife – so long and thanks for all the fish.

I’m out.

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