New Channel 4 series “Dates” features gorgeous, complex lesbian couple

Kate tells Erica that they have another two hours to check out if she wants to sleep some more. She doesn’t, Erica wants more of Kate. Kate however gets squirmy, and feels the need to bolt. Erica in an effort to get her to stay, tells Kate to ask her anything. Kate asks her, what she hates most about herself. An odd question. I would have gone for favorite Adele song, but that’s just me. Erica admits to lying a lot. To herself, her family, everyone. Kate wants to know why she’d bother telling her the truth. Erica says, “It might be different with you.”

Known each other for 12 hours, already processing.

Kate asks if Erica’s family knows about her sexuality, and Erica’s silence answers her question. Kate can’t deal and starts to get dressed and tells Erica that she doesn’t need to be under her family’s or anyone else’s thumb. Erica admits to Kate, that she’s been with three women. The first was years ago, and she was mad for the girl. The second was last year at the gym. And the third, well, the third is standing in front of her now, ready to walk out the door. This admission touches Kate and she kisses Erica passionately.

You are a total mess. Let’s shag again.

Their impeding love making is interrupted by Erica’s phone. (Gurl, put that thing on vibrate!) It’s Erica’s brother again, and as Kate listens to Erica lie her way through the call, she’s decides she’s had enough. Erica ends the call quickly, and tries to convince Kate to understand. Kate doesn’t want to deal with someone in the closet, and Erica counters with Kate’s distance from her own family. “Don’t tell me you don’t know what this is about,” she says and Kate’s face registers the painful admission that she does. Kate tells Erica to just say the words, to leave all the lies and shame behind in the hotel room. So she does.

Erica: I’m gay.
Kate: Yes. Big deal. And?
Erica: I see guys to make my family happy. To make them think I’m not a disgrace. To make them think I don’t love women.
Kate: Anything else?
Erica: I rationalize it all and it makes me feel like shit.

Wow, this is a lot of lesbian processing for a first date. I’m exhausted. I can only imagine how they feel. Well, apparently Kate feels pretty good about it because she tells Erica to get dressed, because they are going to get brunch. Perhaps unlimited Backwards Bellinis?

Congratulations on finally coming out. Lets get pancakes.

However, when Kate looks down at the bed, she realizes that Erica’s phone call from her brother was not disconnected. (THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE!) Erica’s heart drops as she picks up the phone. You can hear her brother faintly calling her name. She puts the phone to her ear as her brother says, “You can’t do this. I’m sorry, but you can’t.” Tears fall from Erica’s cheeks as she faces a crossroads. On one end, her traditional Chinese family, whom she loves but fears shaming. Kate on the other, offering passion and possibly the love she’s longed for. What will she choose?

Choosing your truth can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do.

In the upcoming episode six, Erica (and hopefully Kate) makes an appearance, set up on a blind date by her brother. Teasers hint that it will be a bit of a disaster, so maybe this means Erica will finally choose the life she wants for herself.

The Dates page on has some fun bonus material for fans, including dating profiles of the characters and even downloadable expanded, background stories. In this behind the scenes video, episode writer Jamie Chan and the actresses who play Erica and Kate give a little insight into the characters and story.


Overall, I found Dates to be a well-written, smart, sexy, show. Have you seen Dates? What do you think about it?

Dates airs at 10 p.m. on Channel 4 in the UK. Check your local listings.

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