New Channel 4 series “Dates” features gorgeous, complex lesbian couple


Kate asks about Erica’s bracelet, and Erica tells a sweet story of how she picked up in Tuscany. Kate’s pants are charmed right off. Actually, I wouldn’t have been surprised if they were literally off at this point. The women talk about how quickly everything moves these days, and Kate leans in and kisses Erica. It’s a small kiss, but one that promises of much more to come.

Good thing they ditched the Salmon Martini

That is until Erica starts talking about her breakup. Leave it to a lesbian to talk about an ex on the first date. It turns out that Erica’s ex is a man, which Kate responds to frostily. She starts giving Erica some hell about dating men, and frankly comes across as biphobic. She tells Erica, “Maybe you are just straight and bored.” Whoa, Kate McGrabbyhands, you need a time out! Erica in turn tells Kate that she’s rude and gets up to leave. Kate stops her however, because they have a crazy connection and that doesn’t come along everyday.

Cut to a few Backwards Bellinis later, and the tension is thick, sexual and otherwise. Erica’s twat of a brother calls again and it sets everyone’s teeth on edge. Kate says that Erica’s brother sure does seem to call a lot. Erica explains that her brother just wants her to be happy. We get the sense that “happy” is sadly not the right choice of words. Erica gets her stones and asks Kate why she’s such an angry lesbian with a dick complex. Kate tells her she’s “not the one worried about dick.”

Kate, I’m taking away four of your Slytherin points.

You don’t know my life!

Jeez, even I’m starting to get uncomfortable. To up the ante, Kate asks Erica how many women she’s slept with. Tacky much? The waiter mercifully interrupts them to drop off a bottle of wine that was sent over by two blokes in the corner. Kate is annoyed but Erica smiles at the men and tells Kate not to be so damn rude. Kate says fine, and marches herself and Erica up to the men to thank them, all proper like.

Don’t worry ladies, we’re here now.

The guys say that the girls looked lonely over there. Yes, thank heavens you noticed, menfolk! Look at you two, saving women from their crushing loneliness, one bottle of Malbec at a time. When the women go to leave, one of the guys says, “that’s it?” Kate however slaps on her best fake smile and asks what can she do for them. They want to dance, and the one guy tells Kate that she in particular looks like she could use a dance. What a tosser! Kate says fine and leads him to the dance floor. Erica, annoyed now, rolls her eyes and takes the other guy to the dancefloor.

Erica sees Kate dancing with the guy, but her eyes are firmly fixed on Erica. The anger has melted away into desire and the women are drawn to each other like magnets. They dance and kiss and the rest of the room fades away.

I bet those guys are glad they asked us to dance.

The next scene is Erica and Kate in bed together. Kate is watching Erica sleep, and it’s a little awkward but sexy at the same time.

Post–Frontwards Bellini

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