Naya Rivera wows as the host of the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco


Then Naya was back to play a game called Glee Gone GLAAD. She pulled two “mega fans” from the audience to play the quiz show, with the prize being two tickets to next year’s GLAAD Media Awards. Two women contestants made it on stage. Questions ranged for “What is the name of Brittany’s new internet talk show, which I’m a huge fan of?” (“Fondue for Two,” duh) and the titles of various episodes. In the end, both contestants got tickets for next year’s show. p.s. Every single #gayshark-ing AfterEllen reader would have kicked those two contestants butts at that game – I’m just saying.

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

Cattrall came out to accept her Golden Gate Awards with a funny speech filled with gay culture inside jokes. Like, seriously, can the fellas at explain this insistence on using full first names?

The night’s other big winners were out gay artist Christian Chavez, who won the Spanish-Language Music Artist Award, Dustin Lance Black who accepted the Outstanding Documentary for 8: The Mormon Proposition and AT&T who took the Corporate Leader Award home.

After some montages, moving testimonials and even a very acrobatic performance by a very muscular man in a very tiny bikini bottom from Cirque du Soleil, Naya came back to wrap up the evening. But, not before she made good on her promise to auction off “sweet lady kisses.”

A gentleman won the first kiss, with a bid of $3,500. Though his little extra ass tap at the end was not entirely gentlemanly. But, come on, you can’t really blame a guy for going for it.

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

But then a lady from the audience matched his bid and we finally got actual sweet lady kisses. It was more of a peck, and there was no accompanying pat. See, a lady knows how to treat a lady.

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

Credit: Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage

And with two quick kisses Naya raised $7,000 in less than a minute. If she ever needs a second job – not that she ever would – might I suggest opening a kissing booth? Before signing off to the GLAAD Awards crowd, Naya said “my heart is a Slushee full of love and I want to toss it all over you.”

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

I think I speak for everyone in the audience when I say the feeling was very, very mutual.

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