Naya Rivera wows as the host of the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco


With the red carpet over the waiting for the show began in earnest. Naya came out in a new white dress (also lovely) and wowed the card from the start.

I’d also like you to know that her “pull out of my tits” and “how hot was she” lines weretotally ad libbed. They were definitely not on the teleprompter. And don’t worry, we’ll get back to that promise of a “sweet lady kisses” auction in a minute.

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

Naya introduced Sara after her opening monologue. The two reigning lesbian Latina characters on primetime broadcast television hugged as they passed each other on stage. No, I don’t have a picture. But I do have another one from backstage courtesy GLAAD.

Credit: Photo by Trisha Leeper/WireImage

Sara didn’t walk the blue carpet either, much to many a gay lady’s (and gay fella’s) disappointment. She came out on stage to introduce the 25th anniversary of GLAAD and clips of the group’s work in the past year. She said, “GLAAD makes sure that every life is valued. We should all be accepted and respected.”

Credit: Photo by Araya Diaz/WireImage

And then she was gone again, in a flash. But GLAAD reports that backstage Naya and Sara had a little convo of their own.

The Local Hero winner was tech journalist Kara Swisher (right, below), the co-founder of All Things Digital. She walked the carpet with her partner and their children. And in interviews and on stage, she was a whip smart delight. She joked that the white iPhone was “gay” and said “no one cares” in the tech world if you’re gay. Out tech geeks will truly inherit the Earth.

“The internet is one of the earliest places gays and lesbians were able to communicate with each other out in the open. Gays were one of the first adopters of the internet. It’s a tolerant medium for freedom…. I always say the world only spins forward. If there is an ability to talk to the world, people begin to understand you. Knowledge is power. And if people know about you, they hate you just a little bit less.”

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

And on a less serious note, Swisher said when asked who would be on her AfterEllen Hot 100 list, “Naya Rivera looks pretty good tonight” as well as Angelina Jolie and family friend Jane Lynch.

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