Naya Rivera wows as the host of the GLAAD Media Awards in San Francisco

Other stars to walk the press line included the perennially dimpled Mario Lopez, Oscar-winning Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black, True Blood star Nelsan Ellis (who plays Lafayette) and Bravo reality star from Tabatha’s Salon Takeover Tabatha Coffey. The latter was particularly delightful, joking about who she would pick other than her partner of 13 years for the AfterEllen Hot 100 List (Mila Kunis, shhh, don’t tell her partner) and being generally lovely and not at all scary. We’ve all seen her yell on that show – so you know what I’m talking about.

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

AfterEllen: When is the fourth season going to start and what can we expect?
Tabatha Coffey: Oh, well, you always know with me that you can expect me losing my temper and being a little crazy. The great thing this season I am also taking over non-salons. So I’m doing salon businesses as well as non-salons. So I am very excited about that.
AE: What sort of non-salons?
TC: Small businesses. You know I’ve always had the philosophy that business is business. So I’m taking my expertise, which is definitely hairdressing salons, but also going into small businesses that are struggling and helping them to turn around.
AE: You’re going to fix the recession!
TC: I would like to try to do my small part.

Credit: Photo by Lydia Gonzales

AE: What kind of impact do you think out reality stars like yourself have on the community and how is it different than, say, people playing fictional gay and lesbian characters?
TC: I think the difference with reality television personalities and actors and actresses, it’s different and not different. I think it’s important that people know who you see on TV is really me. It’s a portion of me, you see me in my work mode and sometimes you see me not at my best. But it’s truly me. And I expose myself. I talk about the fact that I’m a lesbian, I talk about the fact that it was hard for me to come out, I talk about my partner of 13 years. I think it’s really important for the reality people in the GLBT community to come out and be proud and talk about it so that everyone at home watching us can see that we are diversified as everyone on the planet is diversified. [We need to] show the face of what our community is all about so that we can get equal rights.

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