Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and Lea Michele talk tour, that on-stage kiss and “The Real L Word”

Next on my list was Heather Morris, of course, and she was sitting with a plate of food on her lap as she entertained questions from a journalist. The publicist motioned that I could sit down and wait my turn, so I did. I told Heather I’d make it quick as she obviously wanted to eat her dinner, and it looked so good I was ready to go inside and make myself a plate.

I got right down to business: “Heather, the lesbians love you.”

“I love lesbians!” she said. But flattery was getting nowhere, because she, too, said she “literally doesn’t know anything” about the upcoming season. “I’m not going to lie!” she said. (That’s Whitney’s signature line. Has she been watching The Real L Word with castmate Lea Michele?)

Besides doing some more dancing this year, Heather wants the Cheerios to make a return.

“They should come back. They are entertainment! They are necessary,” she said. “It’s like variety shows when they have half-time entertainment with dancers, that’s almost what they’re like!”

Heather said she loves dancing and going on tour, but she’s not sure what artist she’d want to hit the road with again, should she ever have the free time to do so.

“I don’t know. My mind changes constantly,” she said. “I go through do different phases, like I’d love to go back on tour, but I think it’d have to be a different type of experience. But we might be going back on tour, we’ll see.”

I wanted to find out how she felt about the kiss with Naya while on the Glee tour, so she told me in her own words.

“We just thought it was our last show, and we were excited backstage getting ready,” Heather said. “The whole show was a mess anyways, so right before we went on [Naya] said ‘I think I’m going to come on stage” and I was like ‘Yes, do it, please please!’ So she was like, ‘Do you mind if I kiss you on stage?’ And I was like ‘Let’s do it! Let’s go for it!’ Everybody of course was like ‘Yeah!’ Most of those skits are improv anyway, we get into it and so we wanted to do something fun.”

So what song would Heather want Brittany and Santana to sing together this year? She has a very specific idea.

“I said ‘Daydreamer’ by Adele in the last couple of interviews we were doing,” Heather said. “I think her and I both semi-love the idea, so I keep saying it in interviews because maybe they’ll hear it and go — well I want her to sing it, but if I can sing it too, because it’s a lower octave, it would be nice to do it.”

I could see that — if you change all the “he’s” to “she’s” and sing it lovingly into each other’s eyes. Approved!

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