Nadia Bjorlin on “Venice the Series,” Season 4

AE: One of the things I love about Venice and also The Grove I watched the pilot and really liked it a lot is that there is this ease and comfort amongst the actors on set, most of whom are soap veterans, like yourself.  Is it true what they say, there’s no people like soap people? 
NB: [laughs] I didn’t know they said that. Yeah I, think we all understand what we’ve all been through I guess.

The soap genre is so special, and so specific and such hard work. There’s just so much blood, sweat and tears that goes into making a soap and it never gets the credibility I think it deserves. I think we all understand what that feels like, and so we are all in the same boat. We all fight for a great product. There’s nobody that’s really spoiled or really demanding and asking for a lot. Really, and especially over the last few years, with One Life and All My Children being rebooted on the web, everybody understands that we need to make sacrifices just to make this happen. No one’s paid particularly well [laughs], it’s long hours and hard work. The payoff for us is there, as artists. We love it. Whether it gets the worldwide notoriety that maybe the hard work deserves, that’s always the question. 

You know, with Crystal’s projects I think that she gets cool people together and people that really like each other. I think that definitely helps. We all genuinely enjoy each other, and we kind of feel like it’s always a party on set. Even when we are done filming for the day, we all go have dinner together and hang out.

AE: Venice was the first soap to use the internet as a distribution platform, so you guys pretty much revolutionized this. What do you think about All My Children and One Life to Live following suit? Do you think that this is the future of soap?
NB: I think we are in a weird transitional time now when it comes to all sort of media and entertainment, and everyone is trying to figure out what the next thing is. I mean, I don’t even know how long YouTube’s been around…let’s say 10 years just because I don’t want to make myself feel any older. [Laughs] Ten years ago, who knew that people would just be sitting hours on end on an iPad or a laptop, with headphones, watching this thing called Youtube? Videos and uploads, it’s so crazy how technology changed the way that people live their lives and what entertains them. It basically all has to evolve and I think everyone is trying to figure out what that is right now. 

It’s not just soap operas, I think that television in general is trying to figure that out. A lot of people, I guess, don’t watch TV anymore. There are so many people that watch things exclusively online. They watch movies on their laptops, or these tiny little personal DVD players. I still haven’t gotten really into that, but there are 20 year olds that don’t even own TVs because everything is online. I think we have to adapt and evolve and Venice did pave the way for that. I think it’s really smart. Figuring out how that model will really work, I think that might have to take a few tweaks.  I don’t know how it’s going to work with AMC and OLTL, because maybe with shows like that that has such a loyal following, a lot of their audience is older. I’m wondering if maybe the older audience will catch on or even understand how to get on their computers and watch a show. It’s a big experiment.

AE: I’ve been watching (AMC) and it looks like they’re definitely tweaking it to appeal to a younger audience. There are more young characters, so it’s going to be a wait and see situation. I’m thrilled with how successful and how well Venice has been received.
NB: Yeah, I know! We are all thrilled. It is nice. This is an instance where the hard work does pay off.

AE: Season 3 of Venice left us with the big Lara/Ani proposal.
NB: [gasp!] [laughs]

AE: The “triangle” is such an integral part of the show. If this actually happens (the engagement), it really changes the dynamic of the show. Can you give our readers any insight – I know it’s all probably pretty hush-hush – but any hints as to what we might expect in Season Four?
NB: It just gets more complicated. Just when you think it’s going to go one way, it goes another. It’s so hard to say something without giving away any spoilers, but I will say it’s not very cut and dry.  They are all going to have their challenges and obstacles to get what they want. I guess I can say, Season Four is about all of them (the triangle) trying to genuinely figure out what they want in their lives.

The current situation that they are in, is this really what they want? I think really analyzing it and trying to figure it out. That’s the age-old question that everybody asks. What is love, and is this love? Am I making the right decision? All those really scary questions people ask themselves. That’s really what this season explores. This one ends on a cliffhanger too! I was like “oh my god” when I read it. [Laughs]

AE: Well isn’t that the nature of soaps? You’ve got to leave us dangling off that cliff?
NB: Yeah, it’s great, exactly. It’s fun to play but then you read it, and it’s like reading a really good book and it ends, and there’s a sequel. You’re like, oh my god, now I have to read this too. [laughs]

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