Exclusive Premiere: Rae Fitzgerald’s dream-folk track “Jackal ii”


Out dream-folk/indie rock artist Rae Fitzgerald‘s new album Popular Songs for Wholesome Families comes out this summer, and after hearing the first track, we can’t wait for the rest.

“‘Jackal ii’ is a song about the loss of a close friend, the devastation I felt about his death and the things I told myself to cope,” Rae told us. “It involves a lot of self-talk and was really a meditation on how to regain control of my life in the wake of such despair. Just like the intro says, I was sitting on the floor of my ridiculously bare room when I wrote it—I found a lot of peace in minimalism at the time. I pulled out an old toy Casio keyboard from my closet that my grandpa had given me, and every word just poured out. In some ways, the song was an assessment of what exactly I needed to keep surviving, and writing it helped me voice my psychological game plan, as well as suss out a lot of emotions I had tried to suppress.”

Check out the exclusive premiere of “Jackal ii” from Rae’s forthcoming album, out June 3, and follow her on Facebook for more info and upcoming shows.

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