Exclusive Premiere: Terri Binion’s “Walking In Circles”


Out Orlando-based musician Terri Binion‘s “Walking in Circles” is an emotional track from her first new album in 14 years, The Day After The Night Before. The album is also the first written after Terri lost her partner, Tracy, to a tragic accident.

unspecifiedphoto by Jim Leatherman

“I am living back in the house that I wrote this song in,” Terri told us. “As I sit down to listen and to write this, I see myself like a ghost pacing around the house, touching the backside of the front door like feeling the power of a storm on the other side. This will subside, she will come back and peace will be restored. Realizing that I was in a state of despair, I sat down with my guitar to rein myself back in. Love hurts.”

The Day After The Night Before is available now.

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