Played Out: Songs for Black Friday


It’s almost the weekend and as such it’s time for another installment of Played Out.

This particular Friday, as we are all too aware, is Black Friday. In light of that I’ve tried my damnedest to put together the weeks best tracks to: help us through our hangovers, assist us in pushing angry mothers out of our way while we scour the racks for the perfect sweater, and/or lie under a mountain of blankets refusing to move all day. I know which one I’ll be doing this year (I’ll let you guess, suspense is sexy…right?).

Anyway, back to watching Mahaut Mondino hand vogue.

Young Ejecta – “Your Planet”

Leanne Macomber (of Neon Indian acclaim) and Joel Ford (Ford and Lopatin) comprise this Brooklyn based synth-pop duo. “Your Planet” is their latest, dreamy addition to their forthcoming mini-album The Planet, out January 27th.

Mammals – “My Kind Of Woman” (Mac DeMarco Cover)

I’m not generally a covers kind of woman (did you get the joke there?), but this cover in particular deserves a bend in my rules. If Mammals’ original tracks are half as good I’m a goner.

Denai Moore – “Something Out There”

If you aren’t going to leave bed today it should certainly be at least in part to listen to this song on repeat. I’m listening to it now and I have goosebumps (the door is also open, but whatever).

Acollective – “BreakApart”

Tel Aviv’s Acollective just released this very fun little video and we’re in luck because this—what I’ll call “rock pop” single—is surprisingly good.

Mahout Mondino – “The Great Elements”

My brother and I made our dad listen to this song 12 times yesterday while we sat in traffic going into Manhattan. Enough said, right? Oh but if you care, she’s being touted as France’s answer to FKA Twigs, and I’m liking whatever equation she’s solving.

R I T U A L – “Blood Flow”

Very aptly titled, this track is a cascade of bass and silk vocals. This should be your “centering self” song of the week.

Mannequins On 7th Street – “Who Are You”

A new music discovery for myself in the vein of synth-pop. And to my pleasant surprise this really quite good single is attached to a five track EP for more listening pleasures.

Limited – “Times Square Poet”

This is my “Black Friday is confusing” track selection. Because this song is a little confusing and kind of unsettling, but ultimately good, that’s where the Black Friday comparison sort of falls apart, but you get it.

Tove Styrke – “Brag”

Pure pop fun. This is a reminder that Black Friday ends. There will be Saturday, regular ol’ Saturday. Thanks for that, Tove.

Beyonce – “7/11”

You guys what kind of person would I be if I didn’t put Beyonce on this week’s list? I don’t even want to find out. Watch this and pump yourself up to head out in the event of any sort of shopping situation.

OK, that concludes my week in music discovery. Check back next week where I try not to use “synth-pop” to describe anything. As always you can reach me with comments/suggestions/hate mail on Instagram and Twitter Twitter.

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