Played Out: Girlpool and other gay girl-approved artists


It’s Friday and, as such, it’s time for another installment of Played Out.

Last week I mentioned that winter was coming and guess what?  It came with a vengeance. I virtually haven’t left my house in days (answering the outer door to my building for Seamless counts, right?) and I’ve been crawling through the deepest recesses of the web to find the ten best new tracks this week. There was much to be seen and heard and in my looting of the internet, I uncovered Spanish teenagers with a serious respect for history, a video for LA scuzz rockers from a Kathleen Hanna comrade and a few soul soothing tracks to ease you into your weekend. Enjoy.

Shivum Sharma – “Taboo Nightlights”

Shivum Sharma, the 19-year-old Londoner with silk-laden pipes, is back with sophomore single “Taboo Nightlights.” He recently signed to National Anthem, the label that brought Haim into all our lives.

Francesca Belmonte – “Stole”

A longtime collaborator of Tricky’s, this is the first solo effort of Francesca Belmonte, and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come. Tinged with soul from her velvety vocals it’s a brooding track that offers a bit of a punch.

Daniel Wilson – “If You Went Away”

I’m certainly not the only person to have noticed Michigan native Daniel Wilson this week. This piano backed track is bursting with soul and spunk. With an EP out on the 25th don’t expect his name to disappear from the blogs anytime soon.

Alma Elste – “Heart Melter”

It’s no surprise that beautiful, 22-year-old Parisian Alma Elste has put out a track titled “Heart Melter.” She’s bound to do more than just that with bouncy, playful productions like this one.

OOFJ – “You’re Always Good”

On first listen it felt like a really distorted Disney theme song—maybe one with young adult themes, you know. Each successive listen has only further confirmed that theory, and my attachment to the track.

Mourn – “Otis”

Spain’s Mourn is comprised of four kids aged between 15-19 who recently signed to the very “it” label Captured Tracks. And get this they cite Sleater-Kinney, PJ Harvey and Patti Smith as inspiration. Definitely a band to watch.

Champs – “Desire”

Michael and David Champion, the brothers behind The Isle of Wight’s Champs, just released this very androgynous gauzy pop lullaby.

Hawk – “Hush”

London-based quartet Hawk just released this epileptic video for “Hush,” off their forthcoming EP Clock Hands. While the video may send you into a fit, the song itself is a really solid rock track firmly rooted in lead singer Julie Hawk’s ghostly vocals set against the consistent push and pull of the instrumentals.

Spelles – “Out of the Canyon”

“Out of the Canyon” is a stripped-down track that highlights powerful vocals reminiscent of Florence Welch. With only a couple singles under her belt, Spelles is positioned to make a big impact. Plus she’s got that sexy witch thing going on.

Girlpool – “Blah Blah Blah”

LA’s Girlpool just released this video they shot with Sini Anderson, director of The Punk Singer. It’s grungy and bubbling and almost grimey, oh and there’s a bunch of cute girls bopping around. You know, pretty perfect.

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