MTV’s “Cutthroat” won’t be without the usual girl-on-girl athleticism and action

Conveniently, Emilee is on the challenge, too, and will most likely remind us that she will just “hook up with chicks — not date them,” in case one of her minions takes diddling more seriously than she does.

This is going to get real confusing, because bisexual Real World: DC housemate Emily Schromm is on the challenge, too, with the athletic resume to back her up. Hopefully her ex-boo, Ty, doesn’t ruin our fun by getting in the way of an Emilee vs. Emily lesbian Turkish oil wrestling match.

Next up is Real World: Denver’s Jenn Grijalva, whose denial of ever having feelings for former Challenge flame Rachel was most likely precipitated by Rachel breaking her heart. Jenn’s got a temper, too, which, when met with Ayiiia’s, would probably result in a hair-pulling, trash-talking, bitch-slapping brawl.

Finally, we have lesbian-who-dates-men Sarah Rice of the Brooklyn cast, whose competitive spirit is as abundant as her tatts. She’s definitely one tough lady, though I wish she would stop hooking up with meat heads on the show.

Sure, the Challenge is rather predictable, but I like being able to count on a little girlie action every season without fail. And because of this, we’ll have recaps of Cutthroat every week, right here on

The Challenge: Cutthroat premieres Wednesday, October 6 at 10/9 c on MTV.

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