“Mr Selfridge” recap (2.3): Changing the Locks

Speaking of ladies and big money, Miss Mardle is back from burying her dead brother. Yay! I mean, to her being back. Boo to the dead brother part! One of her first acts upon her return is asking her former lover Mr. Grove to meet her in front of a big fancy house, because she needs “a man’s opinion” about something.


And when she says she wants his advice, perhaps what she really means to say is, “Surprise! My brother was actually enormously wealthy and left me this gorgeous goldmine of a house AND enough money to live comfortably for all my days. Just wanted to share it with the man who left me for a woman he barely knew.”

selfridge3screencap9My bones, they fill with regret.

selfridge3screencap10I know.

Yet I still like Mr. Grove, even if he broke Miss Mardle’s heart, and back at the store, when Mr. Selfridge threatens him with termination if he doesn’t get his recently sloppy act together, I can’t help but feel for him a little. But with just a little compassion from Crabb, because Crabb is the best, Mr. Grove becomes inspired to actually start doing his job well again. This helps to secure his continued role as head of staff, but his new work ethic also results in some sobering news for Mr. Selfridge. After newly analyzing their staff members, Mr. Grove realizes this scary bit of reality: 80% of their male staff are of eligible age to be sent off to war.

I have a feeling there aren’t many happy times ahead for Selfridge’s.

But enough of this talk of men! There’s one storyline so far this series that has really sizzled our senses, and this is the one storyline that seems to be seriously lacking in this episode: we go through the whole thing without seeing a peek of Rose Selfridge with Delphine Day. In fact, the closest we get to Rose having Sapphic senses is her dreamily talking about having a good night out–we can only assume with Delphine–and when she picks up some of her son Gordon’s naughty pictures from the floor.


selfridge3screencap12 Gordon! You know the rules. SHARE your lady photos!

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