“Jan’s Coming Out” features a Real L(esbian)


In the midst of a lesbian video watching spree at OneMoreLesbian.com this weekend, I came across the trailer for a film that looks like a must-see: Jan’s Coming Out.

The film documents the story of Jan Walker, a 50-year-old woman from Manchester, UK, who had been married for 23 years and had three children.

And then she started watching The L Word.

Remember that feeling of excitement and sheer terror the first time you had an inkling you might like women? That was Jan. Behold, the 50-something baby dyke.

Meanwhile, producer Alison Thompson was looking for a woman to feature in a movie about coming out. When she and director Carolyn Reid met Jan on an Olivia Cruise and knew they’d found the perfect leading lady. Jan was so happy and excited about realizing that she’s a lesbian that the filmmakers decided to follow her as she met and interviewed some Well-Known Lesbians, including one whom Jan now realizes was a teenage crush, Meredith Baxter (with partner Nancy).

Here’s the trailer — it’s safe for work with headphones, but contains one brief f-bomb.

Jan’s Coming Out premiered at the London Lesbian and Gay Festival, where Thompson explained that they wanted to include European celesbians, but everyone on their list turned them down. The British filmmakers hope that positive response to the film will result in some of these women agreeing to be in the planned sequel.

Europe, if you have a celesbian as funny as Maile Flanagan, you owe it to yourselves to prove it.

This film looks like great fun and I’m especially happy that it features a seemingly normal lesbian who came out post middle age. Hers is a journey we rarely see.

Up next for Jan’s Coming Out is the Pink Apple Festival in Zurich on May 8 and 10. To keep track of screenings, follow @janscomingout on Twitter or join the film’s Facebook page.

Will you see Jan’s Coming Out when it shows in your neighborhood?

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