Huddle: Best Worst Movies


This week made a list of the five “Best Worst” Movies Ever — aka movies that are so bad they’re good. In their number one slot is Showgirls, the NC-17 rated trainwreck that everyone loves to quote and watch when it comes on, even on basic cable when the boobs are covered up digitally.

They also list Spice World and Ladybugs, so that should give you an idea of what we’re talking about.

So team, what Best Worst movie could you watch over and over again?

The Linster: I love Puccini for Beginners. I’ve watched it a dozen times, undaunted by Allegra’s temporary distraction with a man because, well, she’s Elizabeth Reaser. As a slightly butch lesbian, she is irresistibly sexy.

Honestly, I didn’t know that this movie was considered bad until I started writing for But to tell the truth, I don’t remember much about the story except that Allegra had flings with Justin Kirk and Gretchen Mol, then ended up with Julianne Nicholson. But who cares if it’s a bad movie? Allegra still makes my heart skip a beat

Heather Hogan: I was a little kid the first time I saw The Cutting Edge and I loved it so much that as we were leaving the cinema, I asked my dad if it was going to win an Oscar. He laughed really hard and said, “Sweetie, just — no.” And I suppose that’s cute and everything, but I’m a for real grown-up now and I still want to know: Where is Moira Kelly‘s Academy Award?!

I own The Cutting Edge on VHS and on DVD, and no matter where I’m going or what I’m doing, no matter if it’s day or night, no matter that I can quote the whole movie frontwards and backwards, I’m going to sit down and watch it in its entirety if I catch it on TBS. My greatest dream in life is to look at someone one day and say, “Don’t say we’re not right for each other because the way I see it we might not be right for anyone else.” And for my beloved to reply, “We’re doing the Pamchenko.”

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