Indian actress Koena Mitra will play the bisexual lead in “The Story of Naomi”


Bollywood actress Koena Mitra has been cast as the bisexual lead of a new film from fashion photographer Ash Gupta. The Story of Naomi follows a woman (Koena) who tries to figure out what she wants in life and love.

Koena said of her role, “I can’t really talk much about the storyline. But I don’t mind dating any one on screen as long as they are good-looking.” The Story of Naomi producer Michael Hirshenson has worked on several other notable films, including When Harry Met Sally and The Princess Bride. He says he liked Koena for the part because, “She looks international and her discipline and hard work can take her places. It all depends on how much she’s ready to learn.”

Koena has reportedly been trying to break into Hollywood for the last year. She says, “I spent a lot of time on my accent classes and other training.” Now she’s starring alongside Kevin Sorbo in the romantic drama, though there isn’t too much information about the film and its plot quite yet.

The only other photo released so far has Koena and another woman in what looks to be an embrace, so obviously her sexuality is at the forefront of the story.

According to director Ash Guptra’s Facebook page:

…the film is set to be complete in Summer 2011. The story revolves around Sorbo and Mitra’s characters, a married couple wrapped up in a convoluted love triangle.

So it seems the couple’s relationship is threatened by Mitra’s feelings for another woman. This could be interesting, but there’s not enough info for me to pass judgment — yet. I’m just hoping it’s not a poorly-written portrait of a greedy bisexual woman. We have enough of those images in Hollywood, thanks!

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