Sarah Shahi slips into triple-D


Behold, the power of a suggestive headline. I assure you that I have only your interests at heart — I bring word of an opportunity to see 3D Sarah Shahi on the big screen.

This week, The Wrap broke the happy news that Shahi will star in the 3D thriller Static with Heroes star Milo Ventimiglia. The two play a couple on the verge of divorce after the loss of a child. Then a mysterious young woman played by Sara Paxton arrives, “bringing supernatural implications into the household.”

We’re not sure why anyone would allow a person with supernatural implications into their house in the first place.

Paxton played one of the models in the recent extremely short-lived series The Beautiful Life, but may be more recognizable as Darcy from the Saturday morning kid-com Darcy’s Wild Life.

Static is the first film from music video director Todd Levin and will be one of the first full 3D movies with a budget of under $1 million. I would think that salaries alone would tip them over that, but that’s probably why I’m a writer and not a producer. The key to controlling costs is the use of a special camera rig with two Sony PMW-F3 cameras. Maybe one of you film types can explain how it works.

I have to admit that I am not much of a 3D fan. While I enjoyed the effects in Avatar and can see why 3D could be great fun in the horror genre, I would rather save the extra $5 in most cases.

But Sarah Shahi in 3D? I am so there. I just hope the low budget cameras can produce dimensions that live up to my imagination.

How about you? Will you stand in line for Static?

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