20 scary movies with lesbian and bisexual characters getting busy

Reality Kills (2002)

Who plays gay: Courtney Peldon and Kim Hoy
Plot: A group of reality show contestants go to live at a remote farm house where they are finding the competition is deadly.
File Under: It was bound to happen — reality television contestants that are dumb enough to sign away their lives.

Bukarest Fleisch (2007)

Who plays gay: Friederike Kempter and Ioana Iacob
Plot: A young woman sets out to learn the truth about her family’s death, which takes place in a in the remote Romanian hinterland.
File Under: An actually watchable and enjoyable scary movie.

Halloween Night (2006)

Who plays gay: Amanda Ward and Erica Roby
Plot: A man escapes a mental asylum and returns to his childhood home to find out why his mom was murdered.
File Under: Two girls that just started dating exist in a plot that we’ve seen many times before.

Survival of the Dead (2009)

Who plays gay: Athena Karkanis
Plot: A group of National Guardsmen attempt to take the world back from zombies that are currently in control of the earth.
File Under: Butch lesbian named Tomboy fulfills all stereotypes.

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