Lily Loveless gets beaten down, but not broken in “SEVEN PM”


When filmmaker Anetta Jones cast Lily Loveless in her short film, SEVEN PM, she knew she’d found the actress who could bring heartbreaking nuance to her main character: the lonely, debauched socialite Fox. What Anetta Jones didn’t know is that Lily Loveless was also bringing her own built-in fanbase with her.

Lesbians are nothing if not loyal to the actresses who play their favorite characters, and Skins‘ Naomi Campbell is our all-time favorite. So when photos from Loveless’ performance in SEVEN PM surfaced online last week, there was a simulations cacophony of cheers and wailing — “Yay! More Lily Loveless to love!” and “Oh, but why is she so sad? Who did this to her?”

Here’s your answer: Anetta Jones did it to her! But Lily asked for it!

24 actresses auditioned for SEVEN PM before Jones tapped Loveless for to play Fox, a young Londoner who lives a “hedonistic yet monotonous blur of self-destruction and escapism, [whose] daily fix of hope keeps her going.”

Here’s how Jones describes SEVEN PM:

Fox awakes each day to face the same scene of self destruction. Events of the night before a blur, she could have been or done anything or anyone. She goes through the motions of the day business as usual; rushing in a desperate bid to make her daily 7pm appointment. But how is this moment meaningful? SEVEN PM tells the poignant story of a girl trapped in the debauchery of her own habits, seeking significance from her insignificant routine … [It is] a fleeting glimpse in to a day in the life of a lost girl.

I caught up with Anetta — who is traveling the world after her film’s strong showing at London’s East End Film Festival — to chat with her her about SEVEN PM, Lily Loveless, and her future feminist film-making aspirations.

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