Olivia Wilde and the “Tron Legacy” trailer light up Comic-Con


There are really only two things you need to know about Tron Legacy: Olivia Wilde is in it and Olivia Wilde wears a skin-tight, custom-fit body suit that lights up. Ticket purchased, end of story.

Of course now that you have your ticket, how about we fill a little of the 146 days until you can actually use it with the new full-length trailer, released yesterday at Comic-Con in San Diego.


I think the word you’re searching for right now is, “Duuuude.” The long-time-coming sequel to the 1982 hit Tron brings us back into the cyber world of Light Cycles and killer Frisbees. But now everything is slicker, smoother and set to Daft Punk. Also, did I mention there’s a 35-year-old Jeff Bridges roaming around?

The reigning Oscar winner plays both the role of original Tron hero Kevin Flynn, who has been missing for 20 years, and the cyber baddie Clu. Special effects de-aged Bridges, who joked at the Comic-Con panel about acting against his younger self: “Man, he was just a jerk, hitting on Olivia, eating all the carbs I couldn’t at craft services. What a diva.” Aww, Jeff, I’ve loved you since Starman.

Speaking of hitting on Olivia, co-star Michael Sheen said what we were all thinking when the panel was asked what it was like to wear the iconic light-up suits.

Olivia Wilde: It was amazing.

Michael Sheen: It was amazing to watch Olivia in them.

I could not agree more. Olivia plays Quorra, a program within the Tron system who is a confidante of Kevin Flynn’s and his son, Sam. She is a warrior and has an asymmetrical bob. What? There’s not a lot of information out about her character out yet.

Olivia, who tweeted live from Comic-Con throughout the day, seemed particularly pleased that fans were already embracing her character and posted: “Joe Kosinski, director of Tron Legacy, just saw a girl strutting around in a Quorra costume. We have arrived!!”

See what I was saying? Olivia and a light-up body suit. Now the only question is if you’re going to get nachos or popcorn at the concession stand.

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