IMing with Rebecca Drysdale and Drae Campbell


As we reported back in May, Time Traveling Lesbian and former Big Gay Sketch Show writer Rebecca Drysdale and her comedy counterpart, actress Drae Campbell star in a new short film, You Move Me, which is making the film festival rounds (including Outfest in Los Angeles this weekend).

The film was written by Drysdale and Campbell and tells the story of two friends who rent a U-Haul to move Campbell’s character out of her apartment and away from her ex-girlfriend. Alas, her ill-timed departure creates some inevitable lesbian chaos.

I recently caught up with Drysdale and Campbell via IM, and we talked about shooting love scenes with your friends, dog nudity, and Drysdale’s all meat diet.

\ OK you ready?
Rebecca Drysdale: OK we are all here.
Drae Campbell: Hi girls. And cats and dogs.

AE: First, congratulations on You Move Me making the festival rounds!
RD: Thanks bog.
RD: Dog.

AE: Bog?
RD: Oh boy.
DC: Woo hoo, thanks bog too.

AE: How did you know my wife’s nickname for me?
RD: She told me last night! BOOM!!
DC: Wow. Really?

AE: Wow, that’s disturbing.
RD: It is disturbing.

AE: FYI — I’m the worst speller in the world, so back off Drysdale!
RD: No porbelm.

AE: You Move Me is a butch buddy comedy. Dare I say, it’s about time.
DC: Agreed.
RD: Word.

AE: You’re both credited with writing it, but who REALLY wrote it?
RD: Drae wrote it, I snuck in a few things here and there.
DC: Drysdale made it truly funny and we play well together.
RD: She wrote the story and a lot of the dialogue was improvised and then written down.

AE: Thanks for your honesty.
RD: A lot of it is actual conversations that we have had.
DC: Yeah, and we changed them a bit.
RD: It’s pretty much just how we are, but with a truck.
RD: I’m looking at pictures of you online Bridget.

AE: That’s creepy. There is a U-Haul and a strap-on in the film. Is this film based on actual events?
RD: No.
DC: Not really.

AE: Is there any nudity?
DC: Just a dog.

AE: Dog nudity?
RD: Drae is the only lesbian I know that I have not slept with. We are actually real friends. It’s quite an anomaly.

AE: Wait, we’ve never slept together.
RD: Yes, we did.
DC: But you’re not friends, are you?
RD: Of course we are friends. Bog, we did sleep together. You were very tired.

AE: Do you really want this to be included in your interview? Now tell me about your damn (awesome) movie!
You aren’t editing this interview down at all?
RD: Lazy.
DC: The strap on stuff was written because we wanted to have the classic “who’s d–k is this” break up fight. It happens a lot, as you may know …

AE: The strap on – did you pay for it out of the props budget or is it recycled?
RD: Ew to both of those questions.
RD: I think it was bought.
RD: Oh wait, no, our friend got it as a gag gift, didn’t she?

AE: I love that you’re not sure where it came from.
RD: Didn’t someone get it for like a bachelorette party or something?
DC: Yes, our friend, who introduced us, the director of the movie, Gina Hirsch.
RD: Ah.

AE: How was working with Gina?
RD: Fun. I’ve known Gina since I was 13.
DC: Gina produced and edited the film as well.

AE: How much did the U-Haul rental cost you for this shoot?
RD: $19.99 a day plus 99 cents a mile … you’ve never rented a U-Haul, Bridget? Seriously?
DC: Come on. I thought you were gay.
RD: I literally rented a U-Haul today to move my girlfriend in.
DC: That is true.

AE: Did you cast yourselves in the film because you are narcissists, or were you just the best people for the roles?
RD: We just wanted to make it together and the characters are pretty much us.
DC: Yeah.
RD: We weren’t trying to write something and cast it, we wanted to make it together and be in it and capture our dynamic, which is very buddy movie.
RD: But gay.
DC: We figured most lesbo movies are about falling in love and coming out,
and we wanted to see a different type of relationship.
RD: And to do something about two lesbians that is about a friendship instead of a “will they/won’t they” situation.

AE: In the next movie, will Rebecca get the loves scenes?
DC: Mmm, I think she needs like ten in a row.
RD: Ha!
DC: She’s a charmer, as you know.
RD: Again, Drae wrote the story, it’s not like she stole the romantic lead from me. I’m happy being the Jonah Hill in this one.

AE: Drysdale, is Time Traveling Lesbian dead or is she stuck in a worm hole?
RD: She’s not dead. She just isn’t filming her adventures right now. She’s taking a break from showbiz.

AE: Oh, good. I was worried.
DC: Ooh. I was her gf in the Time Traveling Lesbian! We had to kiss. It was weird!

AE: How was it kissing each other?
DC: Remember, Drysy?
DC: I was nervous. It was weird, but in a good way, like in a “this is my friend” way.

AE: Was there tongue?
DC: Ish? Was there?
RD: I don’t think so.
DC: It was intense. ‘Cause we know each other so well.
RD: My finger was in her butt, though.

AE: Ok, the usual then.
RD: Yep.

AE: Drysdale, last year I ran into you at a grocery store and your shopping cart was full of meat, meat and more meat. How’s the all meat diet working out for you?
RD: I was off it for a while. Back on it now.
DC: Ew.
RD: Need to lose a bunch of weight before my new show opens.
RD: And thanks for including that information.

AE: Tell us about your new show.
RD: Its very nerdy. That’s it.

AE: Drae, what are you working on?
DC: Writing.
DC: Hold.
RD: Is that like a writer’s strike?
DC: The next show I’m doing is a vampire musical set in colonial Pennsylvania set to all Paula Abdul music.
RD: Really funny show.
DC: Straight Up Vampire. I’m in it. I play several characters.

AE: What’s your favorite Paula Abdul song?
DC: “Rush, Rush.”

AE: I’m a “Cold Hearted Snake” kinda girl. Please give us five reasons why everyone has to go see You Move Me.
DC: Rebecca Drysdale.

AE: Duh!
RD: Drizz Kabizz.
DC: Pajamas.
RD: My dog.

AE: One more.
RD: No, my dog is named Pajamas.

AE: Pajamas, really?
DC: There’s a great little ensemble in it as well.
DC: And “the corn scene.”
RD: It’s a lesbian movie about a relationship that isn’t all about a lesbian romantic relationship.
RD: And corn.

AE: Sounds great. I love corn!
RD: You’re shouting.

AE: You just woke up my neighbor.
RD: Dudes, I have to run and get ready to do a show. I am so sorry.

AE: Have a great show!
RD: Thank you!
DC: THANK YOU! Ooh, we woke the neighbor.

AE: Bye bye and enjoy your meat. And corn!

Watch a clip from You Move Me below:


You Move Me screens at Outfest Friday, July 16 and Sunday, July 18.

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