Eliza Dushku gets “Locked In”


Admittedly, I have fairly low standards for movies with women I think are sexy hot. I mean, I’ve watched Elektra at least four times.

What I’m telling you is this: when Eliza Dushku is in a film, I’m there.

Dushku’s movie, Locked In, premiered at Cannes last month and reviews were decidedly mixed. I’m not going to link to any because every blasted one of them has spoilers — big spoilers. “Soylent Green is people” spoilers. Google at your own risk.

Locked In is the story of Josh (Prince Caspian Ben Barnes), a Brian Kinney-type ad guy whose life is kind of a mess. He cheats on his wife; he drinks too much; he thinks of nobody but himself. His wife (Sarah Roemer) kicks him out of the house.

Josh decides he needs to change his ways, so he quits his job and tries to reconcile with his family. But a car wreck leaves his daughter Brooke (Abby/Helen Steinman) in a “locked in” state — her mind is awake but she can move nothing but her eyes.

We learn most of this via flashbacks, which is where we meet Dushku’s character Renee, a former co-worker with whom Josh had an affair. Renee reappears in Josh’s life around the time of the accident and Josh wonders if she is responsible.

Then he starts to see messages that seem to be from Brooke and wonders if he’s losing his mind.

Here’s the trailer, courtesy of horror site Bloody Disgusting:


Yes, the trailer is confusing, even with all that set up. I’m hoping that the actual film is a bit more coherent. We know that the movie was edited and renamed after it was already in the can (as Valediction) and that Dushku appears more as a result. So at least the producers are focused on what’s important.

And I’m always happy for an excuse to post pictures of Eliza Dushku.

Does the Locked In trailer look appealing to you? Do you ever go to movies just for the women? (If not, thanks for dropping by and I hope you find the site you were actually looking for.)

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