Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones to play girlfriends in “My Idiot Brother”


Your day just got amazing. Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones have been cast as girlfriends in the new film My Idiot Brother.

Zooey, aka the actress that Esquire claims most straight women would go gay for, will play a bisexual “with flaky attitude to life” that “is causing problems for her responsible, down-to-earth partner.” Zooey, stop giving Rashida a hard time. She’s just trying to please you!

Deschanel has played bisexual before, but you probably missed it. She made only a brief mention to an ex-girlfriend, Charlie, in 500 Days of Summer. The rest of the time, she was making out and breaking up with Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

If you don’t know Rashida, you probably haven’t been to this site before. Hello, welcome to AfterEllen.com. We love smart, talented women, even if they happen to be straight.

Rashida is on Parks and Recreation and also just wrote a comic book. She’s already awesome in our book, so she just moved to the title page under “Women who are eternally going to have lesbian fans — as long as she doesn’t leave Zooey for a man in My Idiot Brother.”

So what’s the movie about? Well it’s mostly about the idiot, Paul Rudd, who plays the bro of Elizabeth Banks, a woman trying to become a successful journalist but is constantly thwarted by Rudd. Since all parties have just signed on, there’s no word on when shooting will begin yet, but I’m basically already in line at the box office.

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