Paige Turco plays a lesbian (again) in “The Stepfather”


It’s probably safe to say that most of those heading to theaters to see the remake of The Stepfather are going for its young male star, Gossip Girl‘s Penn Badgley. But maybe some viewers have also heard that Sela Ward plays his unsuspecting mother who falls for the killer (Dylan Walsh) trying to destroy her family, and they want to see her in action.

Another incentive to seeing The Stepfather, besides it being close to Halloween and prime scary movie time, is that Paige Turco shows up as Sela’s sister, Jackie, a lesbian in a relationship with Sherry Stringfield (ER).

Jackie is a realtor who hires the stepfather to do some work for her, but begins to grow weary of him. Lesbians: We’re so skeptical smart.

You may recall Paige as Officer Abby Sullivan, NYPD Blue‘s resident lesbian cop for a season.

Or, perhaps you can only think of her as April O’Neil from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movies. Either way she’s on the path to becoming a lesbian icon.

According to reviews, the lesbian relationship is portrayed as normal, although one review did say that it “wasn’t clear” whether they were girlfriends or BFFs. But in the script, and elsewhere, they are definitely described as lesbians, so it might just be that there isn’t any discussion on their relationship and that is just accepted by everyone in their lives and there’s no gratuitous lesbian kissing or sex scenes.

Have you seen The Stepfather? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the lesbians make it out alive.

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