The “Sex and the City” sequel may include some lesbian action


Gays have always been a fan of Sex and the City, and that’s largely because Sex and the City has been a fan of gays. Aside from star Cynthia Nixon being in a relationship with a woman, and wardrobe designer Patricia Fields being a lesbian, the characters on the show have always represented homosexuality in a positive (albeit sometimes stereotypical) way.

There was the time Samantha was a lesbian — briefly.

Then Miranda’s firm thought she was a lesbian and hooked her up with a softball player named Sid.

Carrie’s same-sex lip-lock with Alanis Morissette, while she was dating the bisexual dude.

And, of course, the resident ‘mos Stanford and Anthony, who we saw finally hook up in the first movie.

With filming of the sequel well under way, rumors are abound and potential spoilers are beginning to leak. Of course, last time around, many of us were convinced that someone was going to die, so you’d think we’d all learn our lessons and just wait to see for ourselves, right? Well, May 2010 is a long time away. So, no way.

Warning: the following information includes potential spoilers.

Speaking of Stanford and Anthony, there’s speculation that SATC2 will include a gay wedding that many think will be theirs — and possibly involve Liza Minelli in some way — and maybe, just maybe, Barbra Streisand. (See what I mean about being stereotypical?)

The sequel will gay it up even more with a possible lesbian character. The Daily Beast‘s Rebecca Dana was cast to play said lesbian, but quit after 14 hours on the set. She wrote about her experience in a Daily Beast column, saying she had to “spend the day engaged in some kind of non-verbal Sapphic restaurant activities in a ‘Connecticut country club-style setting.'”

There’s no word on who, if anyone, will fill the lesbian void.

Rumors are circulating that a gay wedding may not be the only one in the sequel, as photos of Kim Cattrall in a wedding dress have popped up. While Samantha ended her five-year relationship with Smith in the first film, Jason Lewis will be appearing in the new movie, so perhaps they’ll reconcile — or Samantha will tie the knot with someone else — or the filmmakers are trying to throw people off track because we’re impatient, nosey fans.

Some other spoilers (from TV Squad) revolve around Big and Miranda’s careers. Supposedly, Big may lose a lot of money and have to take a job in London (where events that may strain his and Carrie’s relationship — of course — may occur) while Miranda may make a “surprising career decision.” Although, I’m much more concerned about her surprising hair decision.

We have a while to find out. Can you handle the wait?

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