Kristin to play Dolly?


Broadway, film and TV star Kristin Chenoweth has reportedly been given country legend Dolly Parton‘s blessing to play her in a biopic. “I’m lacking in a few areas, bust-wise,” says Chenoweth, “but [Parton] has said publicly that if that were to ever come to pass she sees me doing it. She’s told me that as well to my face. There is nothing that I can imagine being more fun and more challenging. I think I can do a very believable job of it. I love Dolly, everybody loves her.”

Kristin and Dolly

The problem with this news? The original (and so far, only) source for it is an article published last week by online tabloid Starpulse, which is right up there with Contact Music in the “making sh*t up” category. Every once in awhile they get something right, though, so we may yet see Kristin on the big screen wearing Dolly’s coat of many colors while working 9 to 5 and navigating islands in the stream. I can’t wait to find out who will play Jolene…

Meanwhile, Chenoweth is still definitely playing the lead in Jessica Sharzar’s upcoming Dusty Springfield biopic – which, incidentally, just pushed its release date out to 2008. After she does the Dusty film and the Dolly one, maybe Kristin can play Melissa Etheridge in a movie about her life, and the trifecta of queer biopics will be complete!

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