Female Bond-ing


jadapinkettsmith.jpgI’m not ashamed to admit that I’m super-psyched about the opening of the new Bond film, Casino Royale this weekend. I think Daniel Craig is an excellent choice for the role (did you see him in Munich?) and the extended trailer for the film looks great.

And yet…I always wish there could be a female Bond. Not like Bond’s actual sister or second cousin, but the female equivalent to Bond. While I would personally love to see a direct translation of the character (with womanizing powers fully intact), I’d be open to She-Bond being straight and man-izing too. Whatever it takes, right?

Here are some of my candidates for a new and improved Ms. Bond:

  1. Angelina Jolie: Duh
  2. Jada Pinkett-Smith: Like in Set it Off, but with better transportation
  3. Michelle Rodriguez: Like in Resident Evil, but without turning into a Zombie
  4. Lucy Lawless: Because I’ve missed her
  5. Jenny Shimizu: Because she’d look good in a tux

Am I forgetting anyone?

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