They Might Be Lesbian Giants


The internet has been ablaze with lesbian chatter since late yesterday afternoon when The Advocate posted a portion of its interview with actress Kristanna Loken in which she outs her girlfriend–actress, parolee, and butch poster girl Michelle Rodriguez.

The two met on the set of their craptastic vampire film BloodRayne, ostensibly starting an illicit relationship as a means of avoiding watching dailies that were horrifying for all the wrong reasons.

Within hours of publication, the story was picked up by publications around the country (even in Canada!). covered the story too, and you can read that article here.

My second favorite report was from, with the headline, “Kristanna Loken Insists Sound Of Michelle Rodriguez Shouting ‘When You Coming Back To Bed, Baby?’ Entirely In Reporter’s Imagination.”

As a journalist, I feel that it’s my responsibility to ask the question that isn’t being asked — the veritable elephant in the living room:

Is Kristanna Loken a giant or what?

The photo of the two “lovebirds” shows a huge height disparity between them that I haven’t quite been able to reconcile. Maybe Rodriguez’s rap sheet just makes her seem taller (it includes a hit and run, a couple of DUI’s, and an assault on a female “roommate”), because I wasn’t prepared for this photo of her girly, waif-like stance as she stands in Loken’s considerable shadow.

And I’m not the only one who noticed. When a reporter covering BloodRayne asked Rodriguez who would win a fight between the two of them, Rodriguez replied, “That girl is big. I’m not messing with her. If anything I’d probably sneak attack her. I definitely wouldn’t want her to see me coming. She’s big. I would use my brain for that one.”

Time will tell if Rodriquez is indeed forced to use her brain, but for now, having a girlfriend who stands about 2 feet taller than her may be just the deterrent the scrappy star needs to avoid any future domestic altercations.

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