Mila Kunis says “Black Swan” details are secret


After we reported that Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis would share a steamy sex scene in the new Darren Aronofsky film, Black Swan, press at a round table with Mila inquired about the project, to which she was somewhat tight-lipped. reports that she would not address much about the film, other than saying it recently went through a re-write and that filming begins in November.

“We started a month ago with the ballet training and I have two more months of training before choreography begins and we start actual production in New York City,” Kunis said.

OK, so they will be ballerinas. At least there’s that.

As for the sexual relationship between the two women?

“I’ve heard about this from everybody,” Mila said about the lesbian sex scenes. “I mean, something got out. Here’s what I don’t fully understand and then I’ll answer this question. The script is so under lock and key that I can’t imagine anyone really truly ever getting a hold of it. I can’t really deny or confirm because I’m not allowed to talk about the script but all I’m going to say is that I can’t imagine anyone getting their hands on this project.”

The only people who have copies of the actual script, according to Mila, are her and Natalie. She does disclose it’s a psychological thriller with “a lot of twists and turns.”

Once filming begins in November, we could find out more about what we can actually expect from Black Swan. If there ends up being no lesbian content, it still sounds like something I’d like to see. However, it could only be made better by some rival ballerina angry sex. I’m talking to you, Darren Aronofsky.

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