“Boogie Woogie” has an all-star cast and a lesbian character


AfterEllen.com reader Aisleigh literally brought my family closer today with a tip about the upcoming release of the film Boogie Woogie. Of course, originally my excitement was raised because I thought the movie gods were giving us another break-dance battle flick, but it turns out the movie isn’t about dancing at all. I was ready to go back to doing my hair when, as luck would have it, I glanced down towards the cast.

Oh my stars, Alan Cumming and Joanna Lumley in the same movie.

So, since I’m all about giving you background information and a sneak peak into the wonderful world of Hornito, I’ll have you know that I was basically raised on Absolutely Fabulous — well, that, break-dance movies, Bollywood and My Life As a Dog. (Weird combo I know, but if you met me it would probably explain a lot of things.)

My mom is a wealth of knowledge on all things AbFab so when I sent her a text her about the movie news she wrote back:

O.M.G. what is this movie? Did I tell u I read (Lumley’s) biography? She is a serious vegan. I love Alan Cumming.

This is probably the longest conversation I’ve had with my mother in over a year, so thank you for that.

I’m hoping it won’t be too hard for me to see Lumley as anything but Pasty Stone but Cumming has been in so many things (I mean, he almost made Max’s storyline interesting on The L Word for a scosh) he can take on almost any character in my mind.

The story’s plot sounds right up my alley, described as:

…a comedy of manners, its cast of characters devouring each other in a small world awash with big money. Set against the backdrop of contemporary London and the international art scene, it casts an eye over the appetites and morality of some of its major players. Dealers, collectors, artists, wannabees vie with each other in a world in which success and downfall rest on a thin edge.

If Cummings, Lumley and the plot don’t do it for you, I’m pretty sure I know a little someone who will make you weak in the knees and possibly short out your keyboards with drool, so there’s your warning. I’ll give you a hint: She also goes by Scully.

That’s right, Gillian Anderson will be headed to a giant over-priced screen near you. Come to mama.

Oh wait, what’s that? You want more? What if studio execs enticed you with some young eye candy in the forms of the adorable Jaime Winstone (playing a “punky” lesbian artist), the eye-rolling beauty Amanda Seyfried and the curvaceous and bodacious Gemma Atkinson? Yes, I’ll take two with a side of sweet potato fries.

I’m really hoping this movie is all it’s cracked up to be because my expectations are set rather high. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even bring my mom when it opens sometime this fall.

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