Beyoncé is still not starring in “Tipping the Velvet,” despite rumors


Today, gleefully reported that “Beyoncé Knowles has confirmed that she will star in an upcoming film adaptation of Sarah WatersTipping the Velvet, which chronicles protagonist Nan Astley’s lesbian romps in Victorian London.” appears to be especially excited about this news, judging from its liberal use of exclamation points and Drudge-style boldface. (I’m surprised they didn’t go all out and insert a Drudge-inspired siren next to the proclamation — and gay it up with rainbow colors.)

Last year, rumors began circulating that Eva Longoria and Beyoncé would star in a U.S. version of Tipping The Velvet, but those rumors were promptly shot down by all parties allegedly involved.

Today, however, cites Beyoncé’s official IMDB page as evidence. Here is the screenshot of said proof:

Unfortunately, failed to take advantage of IMDBPro’s 14-day free trial. Debit card in hand, I logged into IMDBPro to see what the fuss was all about, secretly hoping that I could re-confirm the news on Alas, it appears that the rumor that Beyoncé will star in Tipping The Velvet is still a rumor.

Sad trombone.

Sasha Fierce may sing about how she would treat women if she were a boy, but as of now, there is no confirmation that she will play any lesbians who work as male impersonators in Victorian England anytime soon.

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