“Ghosted” follows an interesting threeway lesbian relationship


The new movie Ghosted is about a lesbian love triangle. Are you intrigued? I was, and I had to know more. The New York Times gave it a so-so review, saying the film “generates an aura of thoughtful storytelling without actually possessing any notable thoughts,” but also notes it “offers a refreshingly matter-of-fact view of lesbian relationships — although ones marked by schematic tragedy and intimations of the supernatural — and depicts its cross-cultural milieu with maturity and tact.”

Supernatural lesbians? Sounds like my kind of movie.

Ghosted, which opened for limited release over the weekend, follows German artist Sophie Schmitt (Inga Busch), whose girlfriend Ai-Ling (Han-Ru Ke) recently died. Sophie becomes involved with a journalist, Mei Li (Ting Ting Hu), who wants to know all about her work, and they begin a relationship. However, Sophie finds out that Mei-li is a little too interested in her deceased girlfriend, and that she doesn’t work at a newspaper at all.

Creepy, right?

Though it might seem like Ai-Ling wouldn’t be in the film much, it actually follows their meeting and their relationship in a serious of flashbacks, so the threeway-romance is definitely a part of movie.

You can check out the trailer for the film on its official website, and there’s also a great podcast interview on The Huffington Post with out director Monika Treut, in which the interviewer notes there are many great lovemaking scenes in the film that “make his soul sing.” Also, Monica says the lesbian relationship is not the center of the film, saying, “it’s more like a given. It’s not a coming out story … This is a love story between women. I wanted a more matter-of-fact kind of relationship.”

Does Ghosted look like something you’d want to check out if you have the chance? Here’s hoping it comes to Netflix soon, if not your closest theater.

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