Interview with Jordana Brewster


Jordana Brewster as LucyAs Lucy Diamond, the lesbian criminal mastermind who knows firsthand that “love is harder than crime,” Jordana Brewster makes being bad look good in out filmmaker Angela Robinson’s wicked funny D.E.B.S. However, when Lucy and perfect scoring spy Amy (Sara Foster), who is out to prevent Lucy from committing further evil deeds, meet face to face, the concept of handcuffs take on a whole new, erotic meaning. Kitschy and wacky and sexy and silly, D.E.B.S. takes lesbian cinema to a whole new height of hilarity. Brewster, who some will recognize from her film roles in The Faculty and The Fast and The Furious, among others, gives Lucy her delightful and distinctive sparkle. Had you seen Angela Robinson’s original short film version of D.E.B.S.?
Jordana Brewster: I did. I read the script first and then I met Angela and then I saw the short. I had seen it before we started shooting.

AE: Did that have any effect on your taking a role in the feature-length version?
JB: I really liked the campiness of it. I liked the humor a lot. I just wanted to make sure the love scene was a little less graphic (smiles) in the film, which it was, as Angela assured me it would be since she was going for a PG13 (rating). I would have done it anyway, because I really liked Angela and I loved the script.

AE: Playing super-spies and criminal masterminds with humor at a time when the country is at war–how important is it to have escapist comedies such as D.E.B.S. at a time such as this?
JB: Angela has said that she makes unabashedly, feel-good, fuzzy movies, which is what it is. If you leave the theater without a smile on your face, then you’re really a curmudgeon (laughs). I think escapism is really important. Yes, I think movies should illuminate and teach, but that’s for a certain genre. For this genre it should be a hundred percent entertainment, which is what it is.

AE: Lucy “can hold the whole world hostage, but is scared of going on a blind date.” How do you feel about blind dates?
JB: I will not go on a blind date. Ever! I’m the exact same way. I went to an all-girls school and then I started working when I was fifteen, so I’m not very socially apt when it comes to dating.

AE: To get to Amy (Sara Foster), Lucy penetrates a force field and scales the side of a building. Have you ever been so strongly attracted to someone that you would do something similar?
JB: You feel like you would, I guess, during the infatuation stage. So, yeah, I can relate to that.

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