A movie about “Bad Girls” that has nothing to do with prison


From the producer who brought you The Women and Just Friends we’re about to get another flick called Bad Girls.

Do you smell that? It’s the unmistakable scent of another Hollywood movie hit in the making (a mixture of Old Spice and J. Lo Glow).

According to The Hollywood Reporter:

Girls centers on a wild teenager shipped off to a reform school on a remote Caribbean island. Upon her arrival, she and the other girls find themselves facing a series of violent threats from drug dealers and killers as they battle their own worst impulses.

Aha! They had me at “battle their own worst impulses” because that inevitably means the girls need to make out with each other in order to escape the bad guys, right? It’s either that or they’re trying hard not to wear white after Labor Day.

I can only speculate about the casting call for this one. Let’s see, dirty school girls? Megan Fox, Evan Rachel Wood, Nikki Reed and Mischa Barton (once she gets out of the psych ward). Done and done.

It’s been said to be a mixture of Lord of the Flies and Heathers, but with a plot like that I’d like to think there’s a wee bit of Toy Soldiers added to the mix as well. A dark comedy thriller with scantily clad older women playing school girls? Pop some popcorn, shut off the lights and sign me up!

Sure it’s been done before, maybe more than a few times, but with a name like Bad Girls it’s got to be good. Right? Do you have any predictions as to their possible casting choices?

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